• Eric Muyser

    "People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision." - John Maxwell

    As I’ve grown tired of Battle.net‘s game list feature, I’ve developed a web-based replacement. It only shows a fraction of the current games (at least, if there’s more than 10 or so). It’s very limited, and game’s which you know exist either will not show up or will disappear from the list within a few seconds. To my surprise no one had come up with an improved game search. The project idea came to me when I was doing similar web development work in 2008. I wasn’t aware at the time, but there did exist d2loader and Redvex plugins that allowed game filtering. This is very similar, but it keeps track of past and present games via an online interface. BNDB is a fancy name for a few very simple scripts.



    I started with a Python proxy script that monitored packets from my Diablo 2 client. Unfortunately, that made it difficult to have D2 up and running 24/7, let alone multiple instances for each realm, difficulty, etc. I have since moved over to a slightly modified version of the clientless library, heroin glands. Now I can have my *nix server run a very low resource application that updates all the game lists.

    In total there are 144 different game lists for Diablo 2. Each realm, difficulty, ladder/non-ladder, softcore/hardcore has it’s own list of games. In order for each one to work, I need a character which can access the chosen list. Normal difficulty characters are easy, but I don’t have time to get rushed to Nightmare/Hell on 100 different settings. For this reason, plugins and desktop applications seem a more logical solution than BNDB, however this was an interesting project none-the-less.

    Enabled Lists:
    D2 LoD USWSCL Normal

    143 Disabled Lists

    If you want a list enabled, please leave a comment. If you want to donate a character for a certain game list, please send me the account name and password to [email protected] and I will see about enabling that game list.

    Example Searches:

    • baal
    • free
    • pk
    • bring ist
    • brg
    • duel
    • d u e l
    • scr
    • shako
    • mal

    Anyone that wants to use it, hope it’s helpful. :) A modern browser such as Firefox is recommended.

    Feedback, bugs, requests, etc. appreciated.

    I may or may not create a Redvex plugin that works together with a Qt application to filter the game list using the BNDB API, so it would come up as shown on the website. It really depends.

    The images are copyright Blizzard Entertainment, modified from Diablo 2 screenshots.


    Battle.net Database Website
    Battle.net Database Source


    - Enable more game lists. I have to convert some heroin to my own asynchronous library before-hand.
    - Improve the site JS and add features such as dates and player lists.
    - Cookies to save UI positions.