• Eric Muyser

    "Poor People Spend First Then Invest What’s Left, Rich People Invest First Then Spend What’s Left“ - Jim Rohn

    I’ve begun using the Citrus Engine with Starling, Feathers UI and Nape Physics. I will keep this up to date with tips I encounter.

    1. 01.22.2013 – Making the camera follow the object responsively, with no delay. Set the fourth parameter, the easing, of the setupCamera call as new Vector(1, 1). eg.view.setupCamera(this.player, new MathVector(stage.stageWidth / 2, stage.stageHeight / 2), new Rectangle(0, 0, 10000000, 10000000), new MathVector(1, 1));
    2. 01.27.2013 – Scrolling a starling.controls.ScrollText to the bottom:myTextField.verticalScrollPosition = myTextField.maxVerticalScrollPosition;
    3. Coming soon…