• Eric Muyser

    "People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision." - John Maxwell

    I moved here in November, 2012. Some things I’ve noticed..

    • The lights don’t come on after a movie in the theatre until after the credits and half of the people wait to get up and leave.
    • Employees will sometimes randomly go outside of their store and start bowing to everyone and the passing cars.
    • At clothing stores, it’s custom for the cashier to walk you to the door carrying your bag.
    • They pronounce Nike, nee-kay.
    • At any time, there’s a good chunk of the population gambling at slot machines. They have 3-10 of these gambling facilities in even very small cities.
    • They play a peaceful tune at 8am, 12pm and a peaceful song at 5pm.
    • Air conditioners also function as heaters and are very common.
    • Mitsubishi makes air conditioners.
    • They eat chicken wings and fries with chopsticks.
    • Chopsticks should face left.
    • Never try to cooperate with chopsticks. It’s considered rude.
    • They advertise porn magazines right in the window of some convenience stores.
    • The pizza is truly horrible. Primarily due to low quality, soft cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Secondly because they put all sorts of weird ingredients on it. Corn, potatoes, broccoli, pretty much anything. Not a thin sliced sausage, but a bunch of huge sausages. I didn’t order a hotdog, I ordered a pizza.
    • Japanese people need rice with most meat. Potatoes are not a substitute.
    • Japanese people seem overly concerned with freshness. When you open up a pack of cookies or snacks, usually each one is wrapped in its own plastic wrapper (individually wrapped).