• Eric Muyser

    "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born... and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain

    Welcome to the new site! I’ve switched from WordPress to LemonStand (with Blog module). As you can see, I’m still under construction here, but  I couldn’t help but make the switch!

    In the coming months I’ll be coding up some quick modules to improve blog functionality, such as syntax highlighting, tags, shortcodes, comment login (OpenID, Google, Twitter), and social network integration. I’ll throw those up at GitHub.

    This theme is called Persona, and it’s an unobstrusive JavaScript-based theme for LemonStand. It seems to function properly in IE and degrade gracefully with JavaScript disabled (happy coincidence).




    Want to report a bug? Please post here, GitHub, Twitter, eric [at] muyser.com, or whatever you please. Thank you!
    Known compatibility: Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome, Safari. Update: IE7+
    Technology used: CSS3, HTML5, jQuery/UI, jScrollPane, scrollTo, Address, and of course custom code.
    Fonts used: Ubuntu (Google Font Directory).
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