• Eric Muyser

    "Everybody thats had a shower has had a great idea, its the ones that dry off that make a difference"

    Incase anyone out there encountered this issue: Vindictus is running in windowed mode w/ no border. With my monitor, the Dell UltraSharp U2311H (E-IPS), that resulted in extreme horizontal tearing. In order to fix it you need to manually override the “default” settings in your Graphic Options to use fullscreen. However, and this may explain why they are doing that, that caused the Auction House and all other inline iframe-like areas to glitch initially. It appears what they are doing to embed inline websites (probably webkit too) into the game is causing an issue in fullscreen, and it’s either causing a glitch or temporarily switching to windowed mode when you initiate the AH, etc.


    Interesting, anyway, happy gaming!